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SaaS tools & Services
for successful Digital Marketing

Managino Group connects a large scale of services and tools to modernize your online communication and make it more efficient at the same time.

RTB Dynamic

Unleash the power of cutting-edge technology with our RTB Dynamic Retargeting Campaigns! Say hello to a new era of dynamic and results-driven retargeting campaigns, specially designed for e-commerce merchants like you.

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Product Ads automation of Google & Microsoft Ads

Blue Winston is a feed-driven Product Search Ads, Dynamic Search Ads and Smart Shopping Ads automation tool for Google and Microsoft Ads. Unique product campaigns that target people who are searching for your products. Since 2014.

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Social Display
Banner generator

Step into the world of automatically generated Display Banners based on your content from Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Banners, that draw attention and a 3 times higher CTR percentage.

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Get up to 20% Discount
on Google Shopping Ads

Reach a higher click rate while maintaining your current expenses, or lower the price payed for ads. Shopping in EU is one of the largest Google CSS partners in CEE (Central Eastern Europe) and is trusted by hundreds of businesses

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Google Marketing Platform - DV360 - RTB campaigns

Programmatic platform that enables you to access high value inventory all over the world. Reach a relevant audience wherever they are with image, youtube and audio ads.

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E-commerce & Web app development

Web development company that offers a wide spectrum of services in the e-commerce and digital marketing field. You can find programmers, graphics designers and overall specialists in their field.

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We offer tools and services for your digital marketing